Anchor's new video-to-audio conversion to turn hangouts into podcasts

MP4 and MOV video files can be uploaded via a web interface and are automatically converted to audio.

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Anchor is a platform designed to allow users to create, distribute, and make money from podcasts on any device at no cost. It's a popular service, and Anchor has now announced a new tool that will automatically convert video to audio. The video-to-audio conversion allows users to turn video files into podcasts that are ready for audio distribution platforms.

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Anchor says that the next time users have a conversation on Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram Live, or other video chat tools, those can be shared as a podcast for everyone to listen to. The anchor tool launched this week and makes it possible for users to convert video files into editable audio that can be shared and heard by anyone in the form of a podcast. The tool can be used to make it easy to turn interviews conducted via videoconferencing solutions into podcasts.

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The tool could also help podcast cohosts who can't be in the same location due to the coronavirus pandemic maintain a natural workflow by hosting together via videoconferencing. Anchor says that transforming video chats in the podcasts requires only a few clicks when using your favorite video chat or streaming tool. Users upload the video file to Anchor on the web, and it's automatically converted to audio.

Anchor supports .MP4 and.MOV files and works with streaming apps, including Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and Instagram Live. The converted audio file shows up immediately as a segment in the episode builder and the user's library. Users can split the audio, trim it, and add edits right away. Users can also add the built-in background music, interludes, side effects, and Voice Messages that Anchor offers. Anchor has free unlimited hosting and automatic distribution to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other places where users might want to share their audio. Google recently announced that Google Meet is launching for all Gmail users.


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