Verizon splashes $80 million to give Miami 5G before the Super Bowl

Verizon to show off mmWave tech in downtown Miami for the Super Bowl, spreading 5G everywhere.

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Veirzon is spending up big in the ramp up to the Super Bowl, with the US telco giant spending $80 million to blanket downtown Miami with 5G connectivity.

Verizon splashes $80 million to give Miami 5G before the Super Bowl |

The company has promised that the areas around the Miami airports, downtown Miani, and around Bayfront Park will have expanded 5G coverage. Verizon is also sponsoring a Super Bowl Live event where it will be showing off various technology that displays why you need, and why you'll benefit from 5G technology.

Verizon will have an immersive, on-the-field experience at the Super Bowl itself, and will be running through to February 1. Now, there aren't many smartphones on the market that are powered by 5G just yet, but Samsung has a few in the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10 5G, while LG has its V50 ThinQ 5G smartphone. You will need one of these smartphones, and to have your phone connected to Verizon to enjoy 5G.

Whatever little bit they can do to display to real-world users what the benefits of 5G are is a good move in my opinion.

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