Sony's new Z8H TV vibrates the frame of the TV to generate sound

Sony's new 8K and OLED TVs have kick-ass audio technology.

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CES 2020 - Sony had quite a lot to show at CES 2020 with its new range of TVs, led by the flagship Z8H 8K LED -- but joined by the A9S 4K OLED, A8H 4K OLED, X950H 4K LED and X900H 4K LED TVs.

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What impresses me the most about Sony's new flagship Z8H 8K LED is that not onyl does it have a native 7680 x 4320 (8K) panel, but it has a new Frame Tweeter technology. I know what you're thinking: "Sony, what the hell is Frame Tweeter technology?" and I'm here to report that it freaking vibrates the frame of the TV itself to generated sound... yeah, that's kinda awesome.

Sony adds onto the audio experience of the Z8H (and also the X950H) with its Sound-from-Picture-Reality feature that will provide owners with direction sound that is based on what is happening on-screen at the time. This is pretty kick ass on its own, without talking about the actual visuals and other technology inside of Sony's new TVs.

Sony of course uses its Triluminos Display technology inside of all of its new 2020 TVs that provides "more shades of red, green, and blue" than ever before. All of the new TVs bar the X900H are powered by Sony's own Picture Processor X1 Ultimate chip, while the new OLED TVs have X-Motion Clarity's high refresh rates.

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Out of the box the new Sony TVs are powered by Android 9 Pie, but Sony has "enhanced" some of those interfaces. This means you get access to Google Assistant voice control on the Z8H and X950H, while the other Sony TVs will be compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices.

Sony's new flagship Z8H is available in a behemoth 85-inch TV as well as a slightly smaller 75-inch version, while the OLED panels come in 48/55/65-inch models. The A8H comes in both 55/65-inch sizes, while the X950H and X900H come in a plethora of sizes including 55/65/75/85 inches.


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