Samsung Galaxy F rumors: March 2019, costs up to $1770

Would you spend up to $1770 on the Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone?

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Samsung has already started teasing the most important part of its future smartphone, with the company unveiling its new InfinityFlex display that will be used in future foldable smartphones like the purported Galaxy F.

Samsung Galaxy F rumors: March 2019, costs up to $1770 |

The latest news on the Galaxy F smartphone is from South Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency, where they are reporting that Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy F foldable smartphone in March 2019. It's expected that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled beforehand, with the biggest change in Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone is the inclusion of 5G.

Yonhap is reporting that Samsung could price the new Galaxy F foldable smartphone at a whopping $1770, which puts it out of the hands of most people but it will be one of the biggest changes in the world of smartphones in years. It'll be an experiment at first for Samsung, just like the Galaxy Note was all those years ago, and it ended up disrupting the entire smartphone market.

In a world where Apple was adament that the 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4 was the peak of the industry as our hands didn't stretch further than that... Samsung came in and continued to make bigger and bigger Galaxy Note smartphones right up to the latest Galaxy Note 9. But the new Galaxy F will be in the same vein, where it'll launch and sell a million or so and then the next one comes out and sells a few million, the next one 10 million, and so on.

Apple won't have 5G inside of the iPhone until 2020, and I doubt we'll see a foldable iPhone for a few years so Samsung will be alone for a while at the top of its game. The only one that will have a foldable smartphone to compete with Samsung and its purported Galaxy F will be Huawei's upcoming foldable smartphone. But Huawei doesn't have close to the market presence in the Western markets as much as Samsung and Apple do, so we'll have to see how much of an impact Huawei makes with its first foldable phone.

Until then... would you spend $1770 on a foldable first-gen smartphone? Or is that insane?

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