NVIDIA tease new 'TITAN X Collectors Edition' graphics card

NVIDIA teases 'it's coming' with a new video for their TITAN X Collectors Edition.

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So I'm sitting at my PC playing some Battlegrounds, and I get an email from NVIDIA's PR agency with the heading 'It's Coming' and a link to a YouTube video. It's a 13-second clip of a new graphics card, days after NVIDIA launched their GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, and it's a new TITAN X.

NVIDIA's new graphics card is teased at the 11 second mark as 'TITAN X Collectors Edition' and that's all we know. At the time of viewing the video had just 440 views, so this is fresh as hell. Now I want to know what it is. TITAN Xp isn't that old and is the 'full-fat' Pascal GPU, so what the hell is this new card?

NVIDIA tease new 'TITAN X Collectors Edition' graphics card 02

It looks like NVIDIA is bringing some major styling to the TITAN X range with this shot, with some clear RGB LEDs on show - in both green and red. A nice touch to AMD/NVIDIA and the Red/Green battle. BRING IT ON.

NVIDIA tease new 'TITAN X Collectors Edition' graphics card 03

More news to follow!

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