Battlegrounds developer to address AFK farming in PUBG

Bluehole claim that AFK farming is something 'we will definitely be addressing'

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the hottest games at the moment, with PUBG close to hitting 1 million concurrent users, some players are taking advantage of the system by joining games only to AFK. This allows the player to be idle in game, but still obtain in-game currency to buy cosmetic items.

Battlegrounds developer to address AFK farming in PUBG |

This doesn't sound like much of an issue, as the items are purely cosmetic and provide no advantage when playing. However, this does inflate the Steam Marketplace prices for players who legitimately put the time in to farm their items.

At PAX West 2017, PC Gamer spoke with Battlegrounds producer Chang-Han Kim mentioned "It's something we will definitely be addressing." While not many people are AFKing right now, PUBG developers do want to implement countermeasures of some description to prevent players going AFK or how players earn points.

You can view Kim's full response, as translated by business lead Hyowon Yoo, in the video above.


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