Bungie couldn't get Destiny 2 to hit 60FPS on consoles

Destiny 2 could've been 60FPS on consoles, but would need to be SMALLER, with LESS on-screen enemies.

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Bungie is weeks away from the release of Destiny 2, and even on the faster PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbox One X consoles, the developer couldn't maintain 60FPS and instead opted for 30FPS on consoles.

Bungie couldn't get Destiny 2 to hit 60FPS on consoles | TweakTown.com

The reason? The old junk CPU inside of the consoles, powered by AMD's older Jaguar CPU architecture. Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy talked with EDGE in their upcoming October 2017, issue #310 release, where he said: "It's about the simulation of the Destiny world. Thirty AI at once, large open spaces, six players, sometimes with vehicles, and dropships coming in; that's where we're using the CPU".

He added: "Could we make a Destiny game that ran at 60 fps? Yes, but the space would be smaller, it would be less cooperative, and there'd be fewer monsters to shoot. That's not the game we want to make. First and foremost, we're trying to make an incredible action game. We don't feel we've been held back by the choices we've made about world simulation versus frame rate; in fact, we think we're offering a player experience you can't have elsewhere because of the choices we're making".

Noteworthy added: "But if frame rate is something that's really important to you, there is a platform now where you can spend as much money as you want, to go as fast as you want".

Well yeah, that's something I like to hear, Bungie. If you want all of the eye candy and performance - there's only one platform you can get it on: PC. The PC version of Destiny 2 will have some great PC technologies, including uncapped frame rate, 4K and 21:9 resolution support, FOV slider, HDR, SLI, and more.

Destiny 2 Game Director, Luke Smith, explained that the Destiny 2 beta feedback has pushed the team to include long recharge times that enhances gameplay options for players. Smith explained: "The thinking behind this is to make ability recharge part of the gameplay loop. We want to present opportunity and choice that means players can customize themselves more, but doing so will also involve a trade-off and making difficult decisions. That's been our approach: how do these different elements conspire to create interesting combinations that lead to strengths and weaknesses in each character?".

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for the Xbox One and PS4, while PC gamers will have to wait for the superior version of the game, which will drop on October 24.

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