NVIDIA utterly dominates AMD in Steam Hardware Survey

Steam Hardware Survey for June: NVIDIA continues to dominate, AMD loses Steam GPU market share.

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AMD has been all over the headlines for the leaks and rumors of its upcoming Radeon RX Vega graphics card, and the new professional-orientated Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, but gamers' seem to be shifting away from AMD and into the arms of #TeamGreen... in droves.

NVIDIA utterly dominates AMD in Steam Hardware Survey | TweakTown.com

Steam's new Hardware & Software Survey for June 2017 is here, with some eye opening numbers. First off, NVIDIA's mid-range GeForce GTX 1060 is the most popular graphics card used by gamers on Steam, with 6.29% of gamers using a GTX 1060. These numbers are up from 4% in February, and 5.1% from May. NVIDIA takes out the top 19 graphics cards on Steam, with AMD's closest card being the Radeon HD 7700. None of the Radeon RX 400 or RX 500 series make the cut... well, if you count the Radeon RX 480 in the top 30 with 1.02%.

Overall, this is where we stand: NVIDIA has 63.61%, AMD has 20.5%, and Intel has a surprising 15.5% of the Steam gamers using their graphics cards/APUs/integrated graphics. Intel surprises with 15.5%, as it's very close to AMD's 20.5%. This might change with Radeon RX Vega, but I think it'll only change by a couple of percentage points. If the mid-range Radeon RX 500 series didn't even enter the charts... then I think AMD has some serious changes to make to get into the hearts and souls of PC gamers.

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