Infamous SNES PlayStation Prototype now fully working

The once-fabled piece of gaming history full restored to working order.

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It's been a few years since the infamous SNES PlayStation Prototype was revealed to the world, and now legendary electronics expert Ben Heck has restored it to full working order. Check out his video below which shows how he managed to get a once fabled piece of gaming history to work.

Allegedly found in a box belonging to an old Nintendo employee, the SNES PlayStation Prototype wasn't operating at all when Ben Heck first came across it, but was soon able to get the Super Nintendo components to work and play a few commercial titles. However apart from some basic functionality with the CD ROM drive, the most interesting part of the unit; the early PlayStation prototype wasn't correctly functioning and with a lack of technical specs and time with the unit, Heck wasn't able to get it operating. Until now, that is.

In a matter of year, the legendary SNES PlayStation prototype has gone from a fable, to a fully functioning product. And that's very, very cool.

Infamous SNES PlayStation Prototype now fully working |

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