Samsung spends $9 billion on expansions, for the iPhone

Samsung is making so many OLED displays for the new iPhone, that they're spending $9 billion on expansions.

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Apple is expected to blow the doors off of its new multi-billion HQ in a few months, with the announcement and reveal of the first next-gen iPhone in a long time - that wasn't a slight upgrade on the previous-gen handset. It will reportedly roll out with next-gen features, an OLED display, in what should be the 'next big thing' in cameras, and more.

Samsung spends $9 billion on expansions, for the iPhone |

But Apple don't manufacturer the OLED displays themselves, that's the job of their #1 competitor: Samsung. According to South Korean news site The Investor, Samsung is expanding its OLED production capabilities, with $8.9 billion being spent on expanding OLED production - this year alone. Apple shifting into the world of OLED has most likely driven Samsung to the $9 billion investment, as it will want to lead the mobile OLED display market.

Samsung has been using OLED screens in its flagship smartphones for a few years now, but Apple does big business in flagship smartphones, too. Samsung currently has 95% of the market, which is one of the reasons Apple would've chosen their competitor in the smartphone business, to make their new OLED displays for the next-gen iPhone. The new iPhone will reportedly be called the iPhone X - with another iPhone that will succeed the iPhone 7 in what should be the iPhone 7S.

Apple reportedly ordered 160 million OLED panels, while slapping down $4.3 billion for 60 million OLED displays - so the $9 billion investment from Samsung, is laying the groundwork to some gigantic business in the coming years from the iPhone.

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