Replica Mario Kart crashed into a Tokyo police station

One does not simply mariokart in the real-world.

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Even in our wildest dream, we would not imagine a mariokart crashing into a police station until it happened - for real.

Replica Mario Kart crashed into a Tokyo police station |

A Korean tourist who rented a replica Mario Kart from MariCar, a Japanese go-kart company who are currently being sued by Nintendo for copyright infringement since they offer Mario costumes to their renters, has crashed in a police box. The accident took place in the ward's Shibakoen area, at 2:50 pm.

According to The Mainichi, a reputable Japanese news website, the South Korean female tourist, who's in her 20s, "apparently failed to negotiate a turn at an intersection, driving her vehicle onto a sidewalk and then crashing into the wall of the police box. " Luckily, nobody was injured or harmed.

The young woman may have been in a group of other tourists who were driving go-karts rented from the same location: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo-based MariCar Inc.

This raises the question: Did she take part in a real life Mario Kart race? Either way, we hope she's free of troubles, because she did crash into a police station - with a Mario Kart.

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