Apple's new 5K display has issues with new MacBook Pro

Apple's expensive 5K display is having problems, consumers complain and see their negative reviews deleted.

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Apple teamed with LG their new UltraFine 5K Display, something that was compatible with Apple's newly refreshed MacBook Pro, but now the 5K displays are having problems and Apple has been deleting consumers' negative reviews.

Apple's new 5K display has issues with new MacBook Pro 14

The issue with the new 5K displays are that some consumers are seeing their monitor flicker briefly after their MacBook Pro has gone to sleep and recently woken up. The screen won't properly turn on, is to pull the power out of the display and plug it back in. Sometimes this doesn't fix the issue, with some people saying that their MacBook Pro would completely freeze up, needing a manual reboot.

Others reported that the flashy new TouchBar doesn't work when the 5K monitor is connected, with some reports that FileVault - the file encryption in macOS, is incompatible for them - with their MBP being 'unreliable' with the 5K monitor and FileVault enabled.

Apple's own Web Store has had many complains, but according to a post in /r/Apple on Reddit - the company has removed the ratings and reviews of the LG UltraFine 5K Display from its web store. Reddit user 'michael_emery' said:

Apple's new 5K display has issues with new MacBook Pro 15

As our source on the news,, says: "Whether it's a software or hardware problem also remains to be seen". But Apple deleting negative reviews is a huge deal, on top of the obvious fault with their new enthusiast/professional-level products. As I said previously, Apple can't launch high-end MacBook Pros without issues.

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