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AMD to launch monster Navi 10 in 2019 with next-gen RAM

AMD to push the GPU envelope with Navi 10 in 2019, featuring a 7nm GPU and 'next-gen' RAM

By Anthony Garreffa from Jan 14, 2017 @ 18:22 CST

Now that I'm back home and at my desktop, I'm sinking my teeth into everything GPU related that has happened over the last couple of weeks. First, we've had the official unveiling of the Vega GPU architecture that will be launching in May. Second, leaked decks of AMD's upcoming GPUs have appeared online, teasing Vega 10 and its dual-GPU brother, Vega 20 - and even Navi 10, oh and the dual-GPU version of Navi 10.


If you thought Vega 10 was going to be it, you'll have to wait for the dual-GPU version expected in late-2017 with 1.5x the performance. Right now, Vega 10 will consume around 225W according to the leaked slides and my industry sources. We might see this reduced if AMD keeps its reference card to under 200W, allowing AIB partner cards to clock the hell out of the Vega 10 GPU and leap up to 250-300W.


The dual-Vega 10 graphics card will most likely arrive as a reference only card from AMD, featuring a 300W TDP and dual Vega 10 GPUs. The clocks will be reduced as all dual-GPU cards experience, so we should see it drop from 1465MHz on the estimated GPU clocks of Vega 10, to 1000-1200MHz. This will let the card scale well, to around 1.5x the performance of a single Vega 10 graphics card, while hitting the 300W ceiling on power consumption. I'm expecting a heftier cooler, and 16GB of HBM2 on the dual Vega 10 graphics card.


But it's Vega 20 that has me interested, expected in 2019 - I've got some specifications on that below, but it's set to be a beast - offering 4-stack HBM2. This means we'll see a Vega 20 graphics card with up to 32GB of HBM2 (16GB versions also) with 1TB/sec of memory bandwidth - up from the 512GB/sec that will arrive on Vega 10.

Then, we have Navi 10. Oh boy, is Navi 10 going to be a beast - but it looks like it will be hitting the workstation and enterprise markets, with AMD pushing it for 'ultra-scale, Deep Learning/Energy applications'. But still, they're teasing Navi 10, and a dual-GPU version of Navi 10. This is going to be massive, as AMD will shift down to the ultra-small 7nm node for Navi 10. We are also going to see the company move over to the exciting new PCIe 4.0 x16 standard, with up to 300W of power consumption.


Navi 10 is going to be a freakin' beast, and according to my industry sources - Vega will be great, but Navi is going to be the golden ticket.

If you want to deep dive into some specifications, I've included some of what we know - and some of my personal estimates. Let me know what you guys think about AMD's future of graphics cards in the comments below, on whether you like this new format of content!

Vega 10 Specifications

This is where AMD should fight against NVIDIA in the GTX 1070, GTX 1080 and upcoming GTX 1080 Ti.

GPU: 14nm Vega 10 (64 NCUs)

Performance: 12 TFLOPs of single precision performance (750 GFLOPS of double precision)

GPU clock speeds: 1465MHz on reference, 1600MHz+ on AIB partner cards

RAM: 8-16GB of HBM2 (512GB/sec bandwidth)

PCIe: PCIe 3.0 x16

TDP: 225W

Release: May/June 2016

Dual Vega 10 Specifications

Reduced clock speeds, but dual Vega 10 GPUs - 4-stack HBM2, so 1TB/sec memory bandwidth (16-32GB)

GPU: 14nm Vega 10 (64 NCUs) x 2 (128 NCUs total)

Performance: 24 TFLOPs (12 TFLOPs per GPU) of single precision performance (1.5 TFLOPs of double precision)

GPU clock speeds: 1200MHz+ reference only

RAM: 16-32GB of HBM2 (1024GB/sec bandwidth)

PCIe: PCIe 3.0 x16

TDP: 300W

Release: Late 2017

Vega 20 Specifications

Professional/workstation card, the Titan X of AMD's Vega line up in a way. Shaders are set up differently on Vega 20, so we should see some exciting things with the shift to 7nm and the compute performance. If we do hit 20TFLOPs+ of single precision, we're in for a world of performance on the workstation side of things before Navi hits in late-2018, early 2019.

GPU: 7nm Vega 20 (64 NCUs)

Performance: Interesting - 35-40TFLOPs half precision (20TFLOPs+ of single precision)

GPU clock speeds: Faster clock speeds, nothing concrete

RAM: 16-32GB of HBM2 (1024GB/sec bandwidth)

PCIe: PCIe 4.0 x16 host connection

TDP: 150-300W

Release: First half 2018

Navi 10 Estimated Specifications

Navi will be arriving in a single- and dual-GPU card with Navi 10 and Navi 10 x2, with the dual-GPU variant set to be an absolute monster.

GPU: 7nm Navi 10 (128 NCUs)

Performance: 50TFLOPs+ half precision, 30TFLOPs single precision

GPU clock speeds: Unknown

RAM: 16-128GB of "Nexgen Memory"

PCIe: PCIe 4.0 x16 host connection

TDP: 150-300W

Release: 2019+

Dual Navi 10 Estimated Specifications

This is just nuts, maybe some of this will hit - with my estimates, it'll be interesting to come back to this in 2 years time.

GPU: 7nm Navi 10 (128 NCUs) x 2 (256 NCUs total)

Performance: 100TFLOPs+ half precision, 60TFLOPs single precision

GPU clock speeds: Unknown

RAM: 32-256GB of "Nexgen Memory"

PCIe: PCIe 4.0 x16 host connection

TDP: 150-300W

Release: 2019+


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