Ubisoft lying over The Division player numbers

The Division's player base is being fluffed up by Ubisoft, it's better - but nowhere near where it was when the game launched.

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The Division's player base has dive bombed since launch, with a massive 97% drop in players since the peak launch of around 100,000 players - and now, Ubisoft has been caught red handed fluffing The Division's player base numbers.

Ubisoft lying over The Division player numbers | TweakTown.com

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Ubisoft's VP of Live Operations, Anne Blondel, said: "Since the release of patch 1.4, we went back to the daily active users we had at launch, because people were [so impressed]". GitHyp on the other hand, adds: "while the numbers have in fact gone up after the latest Survival content update and 50% off sale on Steam, Ubisoft's latest claim doesn't hold up when taking a look at the actual player counts on Steam - which GitHyp has been tracking every hour since The Division's launch".

  • The last week: 24,400
  • One month ago: 6,300
  • Peak: 113,000

It's easy to see that The Division's player base numbers are nowhere near the peak numbers during launch, where it was hovering at nearly 100,000 players - there's a definite spike in players, but it's still under 25,000 - a large cry from the launch numbers.

GitHyp also added that Blondel said that her previous statement on the player count numbers of The Division was a "miscommunication", where she said: "This was a miscommunication - what I meant to say is the numbers for The Division are trending back in a positive direction. Thanks to what we've seen with patch 1.4 and other updates the team has delivered. What I should have said is, we think it's possible that The Division follows a similar pattern to Rainbow Six: Siege, which has seen increasing engagement to the point that DAU numbers have equaled those we saw during the launch period".

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