So... 'smart socks' are now an actual thing

Do I put this in the 'wearable computing' category?!

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We live in a world of smart fridges, smartwatches, and smart other things - but now we're slowly shifting into a world where 'smart' socks are a reality.

So... 'smart socks' are now an actual thing |

Siren Care, a diabetic health tracking startup as developed what I guess we could call 'smart socks' that detect inflammation and injury to your feet, in real-time. The socks use temperature sensors, with type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients being prone to foot injuries, swelling, and other problems that are associated with nerve damage.

This can lead to infections, and amputation if not treated in time - and this is where Siren Care's smart socks come into play. Siren Care founders Ma and Veronica Tran have said that there are sensors woven into the fabric of the smart socks which detect inflammation of any sort, once it's detected inflammation, it will send an alert to your smartphone (you'll need to install the app, obviously) - warning you that you need to check your feet.

The injury doesn't need to be severe, something as small as a tiny cut can be dangerous for diabetics - and sometimes you might not feel a tiny cut, which is why the smart socks really could save lives. Ma explained: "It could be something as simple as you have a shoelace tucked into your shoe and don't feel it and you can get an injury from that".

Each sock includes a built-in battery that lasts up to 6 months, with the designers making the socks to be 'on' only when you put them off - so they 'sleep' when they're not worn, or being washed. The smart socks are machine washable, and designed to endure the usual wear and tear from a consumer for around 6 months.

Now, what about cost? Well, for a 7-pack of Siren Smart Socks, you'll be coughing up $120 for the 6-month supply.


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