Blizzard adds Reaper to the ranks of collectible statues

Rest in peace, wallet. Your sacrifice of $150 will be forever remembered by this statue presence.

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Blizzard have announced another addition to its premium statue collectibles. It's none other than Reaper himself from Overwatch while in his ultimate - Death Blossom. It's dangerously beautiful. You might not want to stare at it too much.

The statue will be sold like the previous Tracer one for $150 and limited to 2 per customer. It will measure 12"/30.48cm (floor to head) and will be hand painted. Each one of them might have some variations.

Reaper will be sculpted out of polystone by staff Senior Sculptor Brian Fay who also sculpted the first one, Tracer. People might want to order it now as it ships in two waves, the first being Q1 2017 and second being Q3 2017.

It might be a while before they can take new orders if you miss it as Blizzard haven't come back with their second batch of Tracer statues.

Blizzard adds Reaper to the ranks of collectible statues |
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