Xbox boss says Xbox Scorpio is a 'premium console'

Xbox Scorpio will cost more than the Xbox One S (duh), because it's a 'premium console'

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Microsoft has been talking up their Xbox Scorpio console for what feels like 30 years, but it has only been a few months - and now we have Xbox boss Phil Spencer coming out and talking about the price of Microsoft's next Xbox.

During an interview with LevelUp, Spencer said that Xbox Scorpio is a "premium console", and that it would "obviously" cost more than the current-gen Xbox One S. Spencer said: "Scorpio will be a premium console. It will cost more than S, obviously, this is how we are building it up. We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer and that means a higher price".

Spencer reiterated that Xbox Scorpio won't replace the current Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles and that it will compliment it in the way that it is an additional, higher-end member of the Xbox family. Spencer continued: "There is not one product that our customers come in and buy. Some people come in and buy the 500 GB Xbox One S. Many people now are now buying our original Xbox One consoles that are a really good price. There is no one product that you look at and say, 'This is the product that defines how you are doing in that market".

"It is really the breadth of all the products you have at all the price points", he added. "For us, when we think about Scorpio, it's for a higher-end customer who demands the most they can get out of a console, and we built a console to meet that demand".

Xbox boss says Xbox Scorpio is a 'premium console' |

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