Star Wars: Episode 9 to be shot in 65mm, primed for IMAX

Star Wars: Episode 9 will be shot on 65mm, will look 'hyper-realistic'

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The best cinema experience I've ever had was seeing Interstellar in IMAX, thanks to Christopher Nolan shooting the movie in 70mm - so the news that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow shooting Star Wars: Episode 9 in 65mm has me beyond excited, and I'm not even a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: Episode 9 to be shot in 65mm, primed for IMAX |

Shooting movies in 65mm provides an IMAX level of quality and resolution, so the final product is a crisper look when played through projectors and on massive TVs. The grain from 35mm was present in J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens, but that won't be the case in Episode 9 - as 65mm will result in hyper-realistic detail.

Chief Marketing Officer and President of Kodak's Consumer and Film Division, Steve Overman, said that as more directors are taking advantages from the technology available, better and higher quality films are being made. There are large advantages to using traditional film over digital, with Interstellar from Christopher Nolan and his upcoming work on Dunkirk to impress thanks to Nolan's love of film.

Overman explains: "The creative and aesthetic distinctiveness of 65mm film is still well beyond the capability of digital capture. So when discerning filmmakers want to a create work of memorable grandeur and lasting visual quality, they know that only real film delivers".

Star Wars: Episode 9 has my immediate attention, I'm ready to book my IMAX ticket now.


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