ARK: Survival Evolved update: new dinos, maps, and more

ARK: Survival Evolved's new patch includes procedurally generated maps, and so much more.

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ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated, with developer Studio Wildcard releasing update v248 that includes new dinosaurs, new mechanics and features, and now ARK: Survival Evolved features procedurally generated maps - and that's a big deal.

The biggest change to ARK is the inclusion of procedurally generated maps, that will be randomly generated for the user - all on top of the massive worlds that are created. ARK: Survival Evolved players can choose from various landscape options, where they can tweak the heights of mountains, the depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, oceans and rivers - as well as the biomes that they want, and so much more.

There are also new creatures to be scared of, with the prey-grabbing Kaprosuchus, the boulder-throwing Chalicotherium, and the oxygen-giving Diplocaulus - all making appearances in the v248 update for ARK: Survival Evolved. Here's what the v248 update for ARK: Survival Evolved includes:

New Feature: Procedurally Generated ARKs! Generate your very own totally unique, customized or randomized world!

New Dinos: Kaprosuchus Paludentium, Diplodocus Insulaprincep, and Chalicotherium Obsideoquus

New Mechanics:

  • You can now directly wield your weapons when mount-riding smaller Dinos!
  • Explorer Notes

Tree Platforms now have +70% HP and +50% resistance to explosive damage

Neuter/Spay Option for Tamed Dinos

ARK: Survival Evolved update: new dinos, maps, and more |

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