Ubisoft teases 'game changing' patch for The Division

The Division will receive a new 'game changing' patch next week.

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The Division has been an interesting adventure for both Ubisoft and gamers, but the company is planning a massive launch for its forthcoming v1.4 update for The Division, planned for release next week on all platforms.

Ubisoft teases 'game changing' patch for The Division | TweakTown.com

Update 1.4 is now ready, launching on October 25 and thanks to gamers on the Public Test Server of the PC version of The Division, we're closer than ever. PTS gamers have been testing the new overhauls, updates, bug fixes, and changes for The Division with its v1.4 patch, so that the patch launches with [hopefully] no problems. Ubisoft is introducing something called World Tiers with v1.4, which enables players to globally change the difficulty of their world to match their gear scores and find better loot for their class level.

The new system will hopefully fix the progression system for players at level 30, making the game feel like it has direction, instead of being bored as you scale higher and higher through levels. Ubisoft has completely reworked time to kill, with GameRant reporting: "Ubisoft has completely reworked time to kill, improving player health for extra survivability while reducing enemy health to make them less of a bullet sponge especially at higher difficulties".

Ubisoft has 21 pages of patch notes, with thousands of bug fixes and game improvements included. The patch launches on October 25, but are you ready for it? Patch v1.5 is next, including the new expansion: Survival.

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