AMD preparing $10,000 graphics card with 1TB+ of RAM

AMD reportedly preparing Vega 10-powered $10,000 graphics card with over 1TB of RAM.

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AMD is reportedly preparing a monster graphics card for 2017, with WCCFTech reporting that the company is working on a $10,000 graphics card - yes, you read that right, a $10K graphics card.

AMD preparing $10,000 graphics card with 1TB+ of RAM |

The new $10K graphics card is reportedly called Dracarys, which translates to "dragon fire" in High Valyrian, a language used in HBO's mega-hit TV show 'Game of Thrones'. The new graphics card is reportedly already in prototyping stages and is expected to be unveiled at the Supercomputing 2016 event next month. As for what's inside, it is shaping up to instantly make its mark in history with some beefy specs.

AMD will reportedly have over 1TB of on-board graphics memory, similar to how its high-end professional Radeon Pro SSG works, but Dracarys is "far more integrated" and a lot "closer to the metal" compared to the Radeon Pro SSG. There is 20TFLOPS+ of FP16 performance thanks to the Vega 10 GPU on Dracarys, providing twice the GPU horsepower than the Radeon Pro SSG.


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