Windows 10 refresh tool gives your PC a 'fresh start'

Microsoft's new reset tool for Windows 10 lets you remove bloatware from OEM installations.

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We all know the pain of reinstalling or getting your Windows installation on a new OEM "clean" install of your OS, but Microsoft has just made this a million times easier with their new Windows 10 refresh tool.

Windows 10 refresh tool gives your PC a 'fresh start' |

Microsoft's new tool lets you "reset" the entire operating system, removing the bloatware that comes on some PCs from big brand companies like Lenovo (sorry for picking you out of the bunch, Lenovo - so how about I add Samsung, Dell, and others). The new tool can be downloaded right here, where Windows will reinstall itself to the same state as if you were to install it from the USB flash drive or DVD - without all that OEM bloatware crap.

Rob Williams from HotHardware (and TechGage!) says: "First and foremost, you don't have to lose your files by doing this; you'll be provided the option to keep them. Second, you may run into some roadblocks with regards to app licenses (eg: the preinstalled apps that are no longer preinstalled). That even includes vendor-specific drivers, so if your notebook or desktop has special hardware that Windows 10 can't install on its own, you'll need to hit up the vendor's website to download and install the drivers manually".


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