Maroon 5's new video clip pokes fun at Pokemon GO

Maroon 5's latest song 'Don't Wanna Know' parodies Pokemon GO.

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The Pokemon GO craze has no doubt taken over the gaming scene around the world, but now it looks like the app will be making its first music career debut, starring in a parody type style video for the new Maroon 5 single: "Don't Wanna Know". Launching on YouTube only days ago, the video provided below is the official clip posted.

Maroon 5 known for its hit songs "This Love" and "Sugar", along with many other record selling titles, has taken the smartphone app an incorporated their own spin on it with the adaptation of humor and chaos, similar to how it's portrayed in today's society both online, and through social media.

The video clip captures lead singer, Adam Levine and other band members in what appears to be a monster/Pokemon like costumes running away from children that are seen holding phones, chasing after them. The music video then switches to a different scene located at a concert where it's apparent that all members are performing in Pokemon like costumes as the one in which Adam is wearing could be mistaken for the water Mon "Squirtle", as it possesses a turtle like shell and is visually the same color.

The video then finishes with the lead singer talking in a bar discussing how tired he is of being chased by kids all day. No doubt the influence the app has had on the world, made Pokemon Go is the star in the video!

Maroon 5's new video clip pokes fun at Pokemon GO |

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