Amazon developing sports game, sandbox MMO, survival MMO

Twitchcon reveals Amazon's three upcoming games: Breakaway, New World, and Crucible.

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Twitchcon today yields three new games from an unlikely source: Amazon. The online retail and other stuff company's newish gaming division is currently working on a unique sports title, a sandbox MMO, and a survival MMO.

Breakaway is the sports title and features the basic 'put the ball in the hole' premise, except players can fight each other, place structures, and use various abilities and items along the way. As well, the ball will behave differently depending how long you hold it. Amazon is giving it the eSports push, too -- it will be exciting to see if it takes hold or not.

Next is New World, a sandbox MMO with a supernatural 17th century theme. In it, you work with others to build societies or lone wolf it while fighting off monsters and bandits; dynamic weather, time of day, and different seasons keep it interesting.

Amazon developing sports game, sandbox MMO, survival MMO 2

And lastly, there's Crucible. Described as a survival MMO, it features hero customization, alliances, dynamic events, and more.

Amazon developing sports game, sandbox MMO, survival MMO 1

All of the titles will feature Twitch integration, which should help them hit the ground running.

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