Total War: WARHAMMER will receive a post-release DX12 patch

A post-release DX12 patch will arrive to Total War: WARHAMMER, with the development team working closely with AMD's engineers on the patch.

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Creative Assembly, the developers behind Total War: WARHAMMER, have released more details on the PC side of the game. The team says that WARHAMMER has been optimized to better utilize all of the CPU cores in your PC, where the game won't lose performance on single-threaded limitations or problems.

Total War: WARHAMMER will receive a post-release DX12 patch |

In a new post that Creative Assembly wrote, they said: "Total War has traditionally been quite CPU-bound, with the game-draw and graphics render processes both running on the same CPU thread. Over time, as the engine has evolved and become more demanding, this has become an increasingly important bottleneck for us. During the course of TWWH's development, we've spent time separating these so they now run independently on their own threads. We've also optimized our task-system to have better multi-threading performance across the board".

The team has spend time on the particle simulation pipeline, from the pixel shader to the compute shader, making better use of the GPUs time. The team added: "In fact we've done this with several parts of the rendering pipeline, further utilizing the GPU and letting the CPU focus on everything else it has to do". Thanks to these changes that CA made to Total War: WARHAMMER, the game will make great use of multi-core CPUs. CA elaborated: "Long story short: all of this means we're using the CPU and the GPU more efficiently. TW: Warhammer takes better advantage of multi-core CPUs, balancing the load across the cores so that no single core is maxed out and limiting framerates while others sit idle".

Better yet, Total War: WARHAMMER will have support for DX12 post-launch, with Creative Assembly working directly with AMD on a patch that will be released shortly after the game launches on May 24. CA talked about the exciting DX12 patch, saying: "We're pleased to confirm that Total War: WARHAMMER will also be DX12 compatible, and our graphics team has been working in close concert with AMD's engineers on the implementation. This will be patched in a little after the game launches, but we're really happy with the DX12 performance we're seeing so far, so watch this space!".


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