How to fix mod conflicts with Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop DLC

Are you having trouble accessing Wasteland Workshop DLC content on your modded Fallout 4 game? Here's an easy fix.

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Fallout 4's new Wasteland Workshop DLC doesn't play nicely with some of the game's must-have mods, but luckily there's an easy fix. We'll show you how to get everything back in tip-top shape so you can make epic arenas and paste neon signs all over your settlements.

When Fallout 4's $4.99 Wasteland Workshop DLC launched on Tuesday, it caused a lot of problems for PC players who loaded up their games with mods. The DLC causes severe incompatibility issues with mods built on the hugely popular Settlement Keywords framework. Amazingly useful mods like Homemaker, OCDecorator, NX Pro Farming and Snap n' Build override the Wasteland Workshop's added items, pretty much disabling the DLC.

So in order to get access to Wasteland Workshop content, users had to disable Settlement Keywords and all the mods associated with it, causing a pretty big blow to their saves. Now there's an easy fix--all you have to do is download this Wasteland Workshop Homemaker and Settlement Keywords Patch, install it with the Nexus Mod Manager, and you'll be in tip-top order.

I can confirm that the patch fixes all the conflicts and grants access to Wasteland Workshop's full suite of additions, including cages, trap doors, pressure plates, and the coveted neon signs. If you're still having trouble even with the patch installed, try adjusting your load order with LOOT or use the manual load order below:





<- other ESM ->

Homemaker - SK Integration Patch.esp

<- any other patches and other ESP ->


There you have it! Thanks to the stalwart efforts of Nexus modder Cancerous1, PC players can enjoy their full range of mods and access Wasteland Workshop at the same time. We hope this little tidbit helped you out, and keep an eye out for our official Wasteland Workshop review in the next few days.

How to fix mod conflicts with Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop DLC |

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