New Wi-Fi chip claims 85% power reduction for IoT, chart within

Rockchip releases new technology which reduces Wi-Fi power draw by 85% in IoT devices - smartphones next, please?

| Jun 4, 2015 at 8:11 pm CDT

Computex 2015 - Rockchip has just unveiled its new "world's lowest power Wi-Fi technology," boasting an 85% power decrease for Internet of Things (IoT) devices when compared to predecessors and claiming it to provide similar power figures to Bluetooth 4.0 LTE.

The patented RKi6000 chip out of this Chinese company was announced during a stint at Computex 2015, with Rockchip stating that its new device uses around 20 mAh of power during use across a more convenient platform than the often range-limited Bluetooth 4.0 option.

There is also the added feature of 'Adaptive Dynamic Power Control Technology' which claims to adjust the chip's power configuration depending on data transmission requirements at any given time. Allowing for a better overall power consumption model when in stand-by or low-use situations.

Wi-Fi completely destroys my smartphone battery, I can't wait until this comes across.

New Wi-Fi chip claims 85% power reduction for IoT, chart within 046 |

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