Ex-Star Citizen devs working on Kickstarter Descent Underground reboot

Some ex-Star Citizen developers are looking at rebooting an age-old classic in the form of Descent Underground.

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Clearly labeled as a "Kickstarter staff pick," a bunch of ex-Star Citizen developers are teaming up to reboot the age-old classic of Descent - labeling this title Descent Underground.

In a conversation with the project lead Eric Peterson he stated that "our team of ex Star Citizen developers are busy building our passion project" and their aim for this reboot is simple, "taking an old classic - keeping the flight dynamics and introducing a variety of game play like drilling through walls, team based combat, variety of ship types... all in AAA fashion."

With over $200,000 already raised of their $600,000 goal, you can gather a copy for yourself through a $25 investment - seeing 50% off the retail price alongside an in-game bonus.

Being built on the Unreal Engine, expect the game to be released in March 2016.

Ex-Star Citizen devs working on Kickstarter Descent Underground reboot | TweakTown.com

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