This robot will replicate your handwriting using fountain pen

Meet Bond. This robot will replicate your handwriting almost perfectly into as many different letters as you wish.

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We've learned about companies that use robots to write handwritten messages on paper for you directly through your phone if you're feeling really lazy. But now there's a new robot by Bond that will mimic your handwriting using a fountain pen.

Priced at $199, this robot will make your handwritten letter look extremely genuine. Set out basically as a hand holding a fountain pen, this new technology will write re-write what you've provided line-by-line, using varying pressure to further sell the fact. This might be cool if you're looking to replicate a certain letter to a lot of different recipients, but want to make it look like each one was painstakingly written one-by-one, for example.

The alternative is Handwrytten which is will write a note based on electronic text that you send in, writing the note 'by hand' (by robot). This also looks authentic, but it's a series of predetermined fonts and won't perfectly replicate any handwriting you may have.

This robot will replicate your handwriting using fountain pen |

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