Seagate release the world's thinnest external drive

If you're looking for a supercharged USB flash drive - look no further than Seagate's 500GB, 7mm thick offering that will only set you back $100.

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If USB flash drives aren't quite your thing and you're looking for something with just a little more room for a nice price, Seagate have announced their "SEVEN" - the world's thinnest external drive. Coming in at seven millimeters thick and with 500GB of external storage, this whole package will only set you back $100.

Seagate release the world's thinnest external drive |

Now we know the price isn't amazing, seeing as you can get general 1TB external drives for as cheap as $60 through Amazon, the Seagate Seven is the closest size you'll get to a USB key device, which will set you back around $350 for only 256GB


Being released mid-to-late January, Seagate's Seven includes a steel shell surrounding an ultra-thin laptop drive. Designed with simplicity in mind, there are no ugly decals, company stickers or special colors on this device - its simply a very elegant and sleek design, which we quite enjoy.


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