Media consumption workloads mean a strong push for x86 processors

Experts claim that x86 processors now need to be added into various media technologies, expecting a major rise in x86 global market share.

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As according to a newly issued press release by ABI Research, there has been a major push for higher-workload media stations in today's climate - pushing these system to receive upgraded hardware including x86 processing units.

Media consumption workloads mean a strong push for x86 processors |

This comes paired with a foretasted an x86 processor growth from 43% market share in 2013 to a much larger 51% in 2020. This is coupled with higher levels of semiconductor integration, seeing Systems on Chips being merged x86 or ARM processors with DSPs becoming standard practice.

These new advanced media products have seen vast visualization improvements in recent years, with Sam Rosen, Practice Director for TV & Video, claiming "Cloud video workflows, such as that developed by Elemental and EVS for the FIFA World Cup, place a high priority on software flexibility" expressing a much-needed hardware upgrade for existing technology.

Intel controls the majority of this x86 market and IP Video services growing including live-streaming and the need for file-based multi-format encoders, it only seems reasonable that processing units shall increase with this technology. It's no surprise that x86 processors would be needed at some time and it now seems that the time is now.


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