Cox being sued by music labels for failing to handle piracy

Cox Communications in hot water after piracy claim by BMG and Round Hill Music.

Published Mon, Dec 1 2014 9:05 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:12 PM CST

Cox Communications are being dragged in front of a court by BMG and Round Hill Music who are alleging that Cox haven't put enough effort into forwarding notices of which demand settlements for copyright violations.

Cox being sued by music labels for failing to handle piracy |

The cable company has apparently gone out of its way to treat these messages as junk mail (spam), with reports claiming that they let 200,000 offenders walk free without warning or prosecution due to their filtering services. The 'Digital Millennium Act' states that networks have a policy for cutting off pirating customers, the aforementioned big labels are claiming that Cox has failed to uphold these terms - which puts them in some rather hot water.

There's been no secured proof that Cox is down the drain just yet, it's up to the judge to decide due to the 'gray area' nature of many computer political debates. It's claimed that a person isn't necessarily violating these copyright laws just because they're supposed to get a notice - so we will need to stay tuned on this topic.

Alongside this, the agency who have filed these claims against Cox, Rightscorp, have been reported to not be the best in their field. Claims have been made that Rightscorp notices have been flat-out ignored by ISP's in the past without any further action being taken place. Alongside this, the firm is in a negative financial situation after their last campaign against Robocalls went south.

If BMG and Round Hill Music win this case, we shall expect many other record labels to start unleashing against ISP's globally.


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