Kobo Aura H20 eReader announced - Waterproof in design

Kobo's new market offering is water and dust resistant - it has the certification to prove it.

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Said to be the first eReader on this planet to be resistant to water and dust, it seems that Kobo's new Aura H20 is perfectly suited to a day in the Sahara Desert or at your local beach.

Kobo Aura H20 eReader announced - Waterproof in design | TweakTown.com

Set for release in February 2015, Kobo's new product offering is IP67 certified - meaning that it's resistant to water and dust. We haven't come across a release price for this product as of yet, but you should expect it to be announced by the new year ahead of it's launch into the market.

eReaders have taken a back seat in recent times, since the Kindle first hit it big on the market. Low on power, perfectly readable in direct sunlight, cheap, company and light in design - they're a must for any user looking to take multiple books on the go, whether you're traveling, working or studying.

Malcolm Neil, Kobo's Australian director commented on this announcement "We found that some of our customers avoided taking eReaders to the beach or reading in the bath because they were worried about water damage. We wanted to break down that barrier." He also claimed that the demand is high in the market for these types of eReaders.

We're interested to see how they sell in the market and especially their expected price.


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