Smoking bed bugs to get high? Where will the insanity stop?!

Kids are smoking bed bugs, which sounds absolutely ridiculous.

| Apr 11, 2014 at 7:46 pm CDT

When I was a kid, I mostly played sport with my friends, and afterwards I would be playing LAN games with them. This was my "high" when I was young - but these days, kids have access to much more - including bed bugs, which they crush up and smoke to get high.

Supposedly, kids are capturing bed bugs, crushing them, and thanks to the make up of the bugs, it creates an intense high when smoked, or injected. Pretty incredible, but I really think kids are going too far these days! What do you think? Would you crush up some bed bugs to smoke to get high? If marijuana is only being legalized in some states in the US, how long will it be for bed bugs to be a legalized high?

So minutes after posting this story, I was Googling around and found a link stating that this is an April Fool's Day hoax... and that the video was actually "created by pranksters, who altered a KNXV-TV video from 2013 about smoking butane-extracted hash oil. The original report had nothing to do with bedbugs, and the pranksters just used and altered the footage to make it look like people are smoking bedbugs". All is right with the world again... for now.

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