AMD Radeon HD 8570 "Oland Pro" performance teased, targets 720p gamers

720p gamers should prepare for AMD's Radeon HD 8570.

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AMD's Radeon HD 8000 series is just around the corner, something I expect to be unveiled closer to Computex which happens in June, but for now, we have a tease of one of the GPUs in the HD 8000 series, the HD 8570.

The Radeon HD 8570 or "Oland Pro" is set to feature 384 stream processors (or GCN cores), 24 texture units and it should come with a clock speed of 720MHz. The memory side of things sees the HD 8570 with a 128-bit memory bus, where two versions will be available - the first, a 4.6GHz GDDR5 edition, and a 1.8GHz GDDR3 edition.

With these specs, we should expect the HD 8570 to be around 75% of the performance of the HD 7750. AMD are really aiming the HD 8570 at 720p gamers, which isn't a bad thing as that is what current-generation consoles run at. There were also some benchmarks run, with the performance of these tests below:

  • Winzip 16.5 - HD 8570 28.29 seconds and GT 630 47.04 seconds
  • Battlefield 3 - HD 8570 up to 39 FPS and GT 630 up to 30 FPS
  • Musemage - HD 8570 15210ms and GT 630 36691ms
AMD Radeon HD 8570 Oland Pro performance teased, targets 720p gamers |

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