Micron displays world's first working DDR4 memory at CES 2013, videos here

Micron unveil the first working samples of DDR4 RAM.

| Jan 10, 2013 at 9:50 pm CST

CES 2013 - Micron today had the first working samples of DDR4 memory in action, putting on a demo that not only shows the new RAM working, but also being simultaneously tested by a Teledyne LeCroy analyzer.

The new DDR4 spec operates at voltages as low as 1.2V, which is roughly 20% lower than previous generations, and yet still manages to run twice as fast as DDR3. The stock timings for DDR4 will weigh in at a hefty 2133MHz, compared to the old DDR3 starting at 1066MHz. This will speed up users' applications, improve responsiveness, increase multi-tasking, handle data-intensive programs and overall increase the speed that the computer processes data.


This new DDR4 module looks like standard fare for a stick of RAM, but it packs a serious performance punch, with speeds expected to be much higher when overclocked at lower voltages.

Micron displays world's first working DDR4 memory at CES 2013, videos here 05 | TweakTown.com

Micron is also introducing new slim line DDR3 modules which will allow enthusiasts to get around the hassle of having their heatsinks interfere with their RAM heat spreaders.

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