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Panasonic CES 2013 Press Conference live!

Panasonic's CES 2013 Press Conference live!

By Anthony Garreffa on Jan 7, 2013 05:27 pm CST - 3 mins, 21 secs reading time

CES 2013 - Panasonic's Live @ CES 2013 event is now live - and we're greeted with the prospects of multiple products being announced by the Japanese electronics giant.


14:52 US PST: And that's a wrap!

14:52 US PST: All of these products will be shown off in Panasonic's booth - which we'll report on more over the coming days.


14:51 US PST: Personal appliances are also being teased - as shown in the picture above.


14:50 US PST: A bunch of new cameras and camcorders have also been unveiled - a slew of them which were only teased quickly. Panasonic really aren't stopping on any of these items during their press conference.


14:49 US PST: Also, a new Blu-ray player has been unleashed - the BDT-230.


14:49 US PST: Wireless speakers are being shown off, too. The SC-NE5.


14:48 US PST: Bone Conduction Headphones are now being shown off, which work over a Bluetooth connection.


14:47 US PST: Panasonic's TC-L50E60 has won a Best of Innovations award at CES 2013 and are quite proud of the fact and so they should be.


14:45 US PST: The WT and DT series of Panasonic sets sport IPS panels.

14:44 US PST: 32 new HDTV models will be launched this year - 16 plasmas, 16 LED. From 42- to 65-inch in sizes. We should expect more gorgeous TVs, better picture quality.


14:40 US PST: Shop by Remote allows you to shop through your TV, which makes Live TV even... quicker. Accessing best sellers, in your own on-demand channel. Kitchen products, fashion, health and wellness, and a ton of other areas. 40,000 products are on offer at the moment.

14:39 US PST: Grossman talks about having the user having more control than ever, with a few touches of their remote or smart device being able to buy items quicker and easier than ever.


14:38 US PST: Panasonic are pushing into new areas - such as home shopping. Now we have Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN Inc. She kinda reminds me of the Stifler's mom from American Pie, how about you?

14:36 US PST: Panasonic have now got someone from YouTube on the stage, a huge partner of the Japanese company. Google are helping Panasonic by making it easier to watch YouTube on your large TV. Where you can connect your device to your Panasonic TV easier than ever. They're changing your mobile device into your remote control.


14:35 US PST: Panasonic have joined the Smart TV Alliance, which they've done to help create a large and more productive Smart TV application development. The first thing Panasonic will be doing is work with Smart TV Alliance members on the SDK with features and services.


14:34 US PST: They're now writing "Hello from RIO!" on the screen - swiping with their finger from the top right to the tablet - saves it onto the tablet. Wow, so simple, yet so innovative!


14:33 US PST: Swipe and Share 2.0 is now here, where you can take your media on your smartphone or tablet - to view them on your screen by simply swiping your finger over your device. An iPad is being used as a reference, and the same photos are now on the video - and can be edited with Panasonic new touch pen feature.


14:32 US PST: my Home Screen is completely individual, with each screen customizable by each user. Some models have built-in cameras, automatically detecting the user, enabling their preferences without the user having to interact with the TV.


14:31 US PST: my Home Screen has been announced by Panasonic. Vic Carlson, VP of Marketing for Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America has taken the stage - talking about Smart Viera.


14:29 US PST: 2013 models are pushing into content-based ease-of-use on your TV. Panasonic are going to begin highlighting these new innovations.


14:29 US PST: Panasonic were the first with Smart TVs, creating the new market in 2008 with IPTV-capable TVs.

Anthony Garreffa

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