Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously

Corsair spent $45,000 on a fan testing machine, takes fan testing seriously.

Published Sat, Nov 17 2012 3:51 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:26 PM CST

While in San Jose we visited Corsair to see the new lab toy. The Longwin LW-9266 is an advanced fan testing machine but don't let the application fool you. This 45K USD tool is a serious piece of hardware that takes fan testing to levels far beyond the reach of computer component reviewers.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 01 |

It looks like something from the movies, a cart the bad guys wheel from a truck to blow up a city.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 02 |

A system of interchangeable plates allow the operator to change fans quickly.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 03 |

Got Measurements? Yes, twelve displays here give you the real time readout of perimeters and performance metrics.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 04 |

Since you can't manually write down performance values as quickly as the LW-9266 produces them, the system uses a data logger to record every value in real time. This allows Corsair to design fans optimized for specific cases, heat sinks and other applications. As most enthusiasts know, a fan built for a heat sink is not an efficient case fan in most cases.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 05 |

On the consumer side, when you purchase a Corsair fan you are now guaranteed the specifications on the official product page are the real performance numbers since Corsair runs all of their air cooled products through the LW-9266. This is a big step since many companies claim a performance specification but the products performance rarely equate to the specified numbers.

Corsair Takes Fan Testing Seriously 06 |

In the Corsair lab we saw several new and exciting products, most of which get the spotlight treatment at CES 2013. 2013 is looking like a really good year for Corsair as they look to gain market share in several markets.

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