Microsoft reveals new logo for Windows 8

Microsoft unveils new logo set to roll in with Windows 8, is no longer a flag.

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The Windows Team Blog, and more specifically, Principal Director of User Experience for Windows, Sam Moreau, have unveiled the new redesigned logo for Windows 8. Before we get into it, check it out below:

First impressions? Personally? I love it. It looks much more professional and "now", and would look great on a new Windows 8-based device (such as the tablets, or Ultrabooks ready to hit this year). Microsoft put the call out to a few agencies to work with them on the project of redesigning their logo and ended up with Pentagram.

Microsoft reveals new logo for Windows 8 |

Pentagram were called into the conference room over at the Microsoft campus, where a meeting with Paula Scher, Michael Beirut and Daniel Weil of Pentagram attended, as well as a few designers and marketing leaders from Windows and across Microsoft. The team of people spent an entire day sharing some of the Metro style design philosophy; the Windows brand history and values as well as graphic design and technology industry trends.

This is when Paula Scher changed Microsoft's way of thinking, she unveiled her new sketches for the new Windows logo, where she asked quite a simple question: "your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?" This is something that has bothered me for a while, too. I mean, when I think of "windows", I think of straight lines and simplicity. The current Windows logo is curvy and tries to be more than it actually is.

You can actually see the evolution of the Windows logo from Windows 1.0 where it was more-or-less straight lines, right up to the curvy flag-style that is the current Windows 7 logo.

I for one, welcome the new logo!


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