Telstra revamps their website, more beauty, less text

Telstra revamps their website, starting to look good.

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Telstra have revamped their website in yet another move to get customers to deal online with them more. The move might work as the site is much less text-heavy now and feels slightly less bloated.

Telstra revamps their website, more beauty, less text |

Gerd Schenkel, executive director of Telstra Digital says:

You told us our site was too text heavy, confusing and very hard to navigate - you couldn't quickly and easily find what you were looking for, and as a result many visitors had to phone us or go into a store told us it was really hard to find the basics - such as viewing and paying your bill and checking your email, so we've made these sections much more prominent.

I don't know who "you" is, but he sure does seem to refer to him (or her!) very often. The changes don't go further than the home page for now which Schenkel says "has a much cleaner and consistent layout, with less clutter and only the most relevant information and links."

He says that the changes are just the beginning of how they want to get Australians to interact with Telstra online. Telstra have also added a feedback forum "so people visiting can share their views and ideas on how we could improve the site and do things better," Schenkel said.

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