Prolimatech readies up Samuel 17 low-profile CPU cooler

Looks quite capable given its small footprint.

| May 21, 2010 at 6:32 am CDT
Prolimatech has proven itself to be capable of designing top performing CPU coolers in the past that get recognized with ease amongst all the top-end performers on the market.

The company has just unveiled a new model which is designed with space constraints in mind (ie. in mATX and mITX systems). It's a down draft style cooler which despite being quite compact in size (just 45mm tall and 92mm wide), can still have a 120mm fan mounted to it which will further assist in cooling components surrounding the CPU socket area.

Prolimatech readies up Samuel 17 low-profile CPU cooler |

The cooler also sports six nickel plated copper heat-pipes to better assist in heat transfer. All current as well as some older AMD and Intel sockets are supported.

When it hits shelves as of sometimes next month it'll cost around $40 U.S.

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