NVIDIA GTX 465 specs and benchmarks leak out

But not surprisingly were quickly pulled.

| May 14, 2010 at 2:44 am CDT
After finding out yesterday when NVIDIA plans to officially release its third GTX 400 series graphics card in the GTX 465 (when Computex kicks off), a sample has already made its way into the hands of some Chinese folks over at eNet.

As such, they had shared out some interesting info about the card with screenshots of the NV driver control panel that reveal some of the key specs as well as taking it for a spin in several benchmarks to give an idea of expected performance.

NVIDIA GTX 465 specs and benchmarks leak out | TweakTown.com

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the sneak peek appears to have been pulled since. However, the folks over at Tech Report were quick to get the scoop on all the interesting bits about the card before this occured.

In looking over the specs from the screenshots, there appears to have been a fair bit of crippling done on this model; only 352 stream processors, 1GB RAM and a 256-bit memory interface. Clock rates looked to be at 607MHz for the GPU, 1215MHz on the Shader clock and 3206MHz effective for the GDDR5 based memory.

Performance appeared to have been a bit of a mixed bag in comparison to varying models in AMD's HD 5800 series lineup; sometimes faster than the HD 5870, sometimes slower than the HD 5830, depending on the game/benchmark. This isn't a bad thing if the card launches at the price point we've been hearing for a while; around $300 U.S.

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