NVIDIA continue GPU importance push with ION IE9 demonstration

Next-gen ION netbook shines in IE9 demo.

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Any chance it gets, NVIDIA will take a stab at Intel and push the importance of the graphics processing unit over the traditional CPU for a whole range of computing tasks with modern computing. Especially when it comes to Intel's low-cost Atom processor platform, NVIDIA will jump through hoops on fire to bring the big Intel down whenever, wherever and however they can.

That is business though, don't mistake it and in this particular case, we like it - a lot. Microsoft just released its Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview and if you didn't know, IE9 will support GPU-accelerated HTML5, JavaScript and Direct2D technologies. Chris Pederson from NVIDIA in a video recently uploaded to YouTube, discusses the performance of a next-generation ION netbook compared to a standard netbook without ION graphics.

In a side by side presentation, Pederson shows off a few examples of how in the future consumers will want to have a system with adequate graphics to improve the changing Internet experience. Demonstrations are displayed such as map rendering and some test games from Microsoft and puts a very good light on ION equipped netbooks.

Keep in mind, this is what NVIDIA does best - marketing and that is exactly what you are seeing here. Who is to say that Intel isn't working hard right now with Microsoft and other software companies to add GPU acceleration even with its current netbook graphics chips? Nevertheless, it was a cool demonstration of IE9 and what to look forward to when it is released later this year.

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