Batman Arkham Asylum scandal - NVIDIA & AMD have it out

all the action in the Hexus forums.

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There's a bit of a stir happening over at the Hexus forums at the moment between NVIDIA spokesperson Lars Weinand and AMD's Richard Huddy, responsible as Worldwide Developer Relations Manager for AMD's GPU Division.

The discussion relates to Eidos' game title Batman Arkham Asylum in which AA support using ATI based graphics cards is not possible. NVIDIA's Lars Weinand says :-

"Batman AA is not our property. It is owned by Eidos. It is up to Eidos to decide the fate of a feature that AMD refused to contribute too and QA for their customers, not NVIDIA.

If it is relatively trivial, Mr. Huddy should have done it himself. The Unreal engine does not support in game AA, so we added it and QAed it for our customers. As Eidos confirmed (Not allowed to post links here, but check PCper for Eidos' statement) AMD refused the same opportunity to support gamers with AA on AMD GPUs. I'm sure Mr. Huddy knows how important QA is for game developers. I recommend AMD starts working with developers to make their HW work in a proper way. That's not our job. We added functionality for NVIDIA GPUs into the game. We did not lock anything out. AMD just did not do their work."

Richard quickly responds :-

"NVIDIA has done the right thing in bowing to public pressure to renounce anti-competitive sponsorship practices and given Eidos a clear mandate to remove the vendor ID detect code that is unfairly preventing many of Eidos' customers from using in-game AA, as per Mr. Weinand's comments. I would encourage Mr. Singleton at Eidos to move quickly and decisively to remove NVIDIA's vendor ID detection.

It's also worth noting here that AMD have made efforts both pre-release and post-release to allow Eidos to enable the in-game antialiasing code - there was no refusal on AMD's part to enable in game AA IP in a timely manner.

I trust that you will also confirm that no similar activity will take place on any other games?

The entertainment continues at the source link below :-
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