Things not to do on Facebook

Like add your boss then insult him.

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Alright, it is time for some humor. In the list of "really stupid things to do" right at the top would be adding your boss to facebook and then complaining about your Job.

This one goes up there with telling your wife that "yes that does make you look fat" and the ever popular, I just go to Hooters for the food"

Apparently a work ethically challenged employee decided to complain on her facebook page while still in a trial employment period. This is after she added her boss as a friend. The complaint was short and of the usual rant type. It expounds on the horrible things she has to do at work "Sh*t Stuff" and proceeds to call her employer a "pervvy wanker".

Her boss' reply was not so short, it started off bad and got worse from there ending with "you can come in whenever you like to pick up any stuff you've left here. And yes, i'm serious"

Now I feel for anyone that is out of work right now but this actually deserves some sort of stupidity award.

Feel free to laugh.

Things not to do on Facebook

Source thanks to the people that told me about this one.
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