Asus and Arctic Cooling reach an agreement

Asus moves ahead with EAH 4830 and 4670.

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Asus and Arctic Cooling have decided to bury the legal hatchet between them. In a statement released today Both Asus and Arctic Cooling claim to have reached this decision in an "amicable and constructive manner".

The Asus cards at issue were the EAH 4830 and the EAH 4670. Both of these cards will begin shipping now that AC's IP is no longer being infringed.

Asus and Arctic Cooling reach an agreement

Dear business partners,
ARCTIC COOLING and ASUSTeK have settled their past legal differences regarding the graphic card coolers on the models ASUS EAH 4830 and EAH 4670 in a amicable and constructive manner.

An infringement of ARCTIC COOLING's IP rights by the indicated products is no longer an Issue, and thus
the product can be distributed without hesitation.

In case you received a letter by the law firm Rodl und Partner on behalf of ARCTIC COOLING Switzerland
AG regarding this issue you may now disregard that letter.

We regret any inconveniences incurred by you out of this matter and we jointly hope you accept our
sincerest apologies.

Mit freundlichen Grussen / Yours sincerely

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