Storage Visions Day 1 Coverage

Storage Visions, you don't see this stuff everyday.

Published Wed, Jan 7 2009 12:29 AM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
As promised Storage Visions was pretty exciting. The show is much smaller than I expected though but well worth the cost of admission. Fusion-io is here showing their massive video demo that has every episode of Stargate showing at the same time in full DVD quality. A new company has caught my eye but I don't think their system will be available for review since it currently starts out at 70,000 USD, that doesn't mean I will not try though!


Atrato has a handy little device on display at Storage Visions. Handy if you need to play and record a massive amount of video and little as in 80 2.5" hard drives in a 3U package.

Storage Visions Day 1

The fun doesn't stop there, this isn't your mommas NAS server, the system is enclosed and is not meant to be a hot swappable. Instead Atrato calls their box a self-maintaining solution, we will have to follow up with the company after the shows to get deeper insight into what that means exactly.

Storage Visions Day 1

Here we see the Atrato system with 160, 500GB hard drives, 80TB of storage space...and I thought the Thecus N7700 that just hit my doorstep held a lot drives. Clearly this isn't anything in the realm of what many of us could fill up in a typical year but this year the AVN show is going on at the same time CES is. Hey, we all have to set our goals somewhere.


Storage Visions Day 1

Imation has a small booth at Storage Visions and have several new products on display. These two are the most interesting, their new 2.5" and 3.5" SSDs. We are looking forward to testing these two out in our lab in the next few weeks.

Hardcore Computer

Storage Visions Day 1

I must admit I didn't expect to find a system builder at a storage geek event but Hardcore Computer was on site showing their Reactor system. The system on display used a Samsung 256GB SLC SSD as well as a Samsung Spinpoint F1 platter drive.

Storage Visions Day 1

Hardware has been getting a lot of press after they released their totally submerged PC just a few short months ago. We can't wait to see how their system performs in the test lab, I can tell you that everything appears to be of the highest quality and is nearly silent.

Storage Visions Day 1

Storage Visions isn't just about what is happening now but as the name implies, looks to predict future market trends. In the open discussion with some of the top minds in storage, future products were being thought up right in front of the audience.

Tomorrow we will cover more from Storage Visions and have a sit down interview with Fusion-io. Our ultimate goal is to extract more information about the ioXtreme, the rumored consumer version of the ioDrive. Stay Tuned!
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