Confirmed - New MacBook Pro 2008 gets NVIDIA GPU

Jobs praises the NVIDIA GeForce 9400 mobile GPU.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Tue, Oct 14 2008 10:02 AM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT
There was some news floating around over the past week or so that Apple may switch from integrated Intel graphics to NVIDIA graphics in its new MacBook Pro 2008 edition and during the launch event being held right now, Jobs confirmed it for us all.

Confirmed - New MacBook Pro 2008 gets NVIDIA GPU

This new notebook from Apple will employ the use of NVIDIA GeForce 9400 M, which Jobs calls "an amazing chip".

Confirmed - New MacBook Pro 2008 gets NVIDIA GPU

He went on to say that it is a chipset and GPU on one die and that 70% is the GPU, it has 16 parallel graphic cores and 54 Gflops of graphics performance. Jobs summed it up by saying, "It's a stunner." We just hope that these NVIDIA chips are not defective.

"This delivers up to 5x faster graphics than the chips we've been using. So what's it look like when we take it into the real world? up to 6x performance."

Follow the rest of the live blogging coverage of the event over at Engadget and others (links here).

UPDATE: Apple will also offer the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT (32 graphics cores) as an option, for what Jobs calls "big graphics performance". You'll get five hours battery on the 9400 series and four hours battery on the 9600 seriies.

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