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Ground Control II is a real-time action/strategy computer game set in a gritty science-fiction setting, seven-hundred years in the future. The game focuses on intense combat missions where the player is challenged to effectively control squads of infantry, powerful ground vehicles and aircraft as the epic story unfolds. Ground Control II delivers explosively fast game play focusing on squad tactics and interesting combat situations.  The game makes full use of the 3D battlefield. High ground improves accuracy and view range, vegetation allows units to move stealthily and buildings offer protection. Weather and other environmental effects also affect a unit's performance on the battlefield. Furthermore, the use of combined arms is strongly emphasized in the game play. For example, it is possible to have recon infantry to act as spotters for artillery, using their high maneuverability to reach certain areas more efficiently than vehicles.  The player's troops are brought to the battlefield in huge Dropships. These hulks also provide support fire for brief periods of time. The player is able to customize his Dropship - changing its configuration and attributes. The epic story of Operation Exodus is told both with in-game dialogue and several rendered cinematics. These feature superb visual effects, motion-capture and tight dialogue voiced by professional actors.  In the game, the player takes the role of Captain Jacob Angelus, who must help fight off an invasion of his home planet, Morningstar Prime.      


The Northern Star Alliance Once a prominent force in the Orion Sphere, the Northern Star Alliance is one of the few colonies that still resists the might of the Terran Empire. Their home planet, Morning Star Prime, has been under siege for many years and they fight on still. They are a resilient people and this shows in everything they do and create. Holding true to their philosophy of life even in war, the arsenal of the Northern Star Alliance is practical and conventional. Shunning high-tech beam weapon technology, they rely more on resilience and the brute force of projectile weapons.  The Terran Empire Formed from the ashes of the First Stellar War, the Empire is driving an iron-willed offensive to unite all of mankind for a secret purpose only known by the Emperor and his closest agents.   Relying on advanced hover-technology and energy weapons to wage their wars, the Empire has little regard for the suffering of innocents or the loss of life. With the view that the end always justifies the means, the Emperor has sent his most trusted agent - Imperator Vlaana Azleea, to bring the NSA under Imperial control. The Virons Many years ago, deep in the Ragnarok Nebula, contact was made with another race, very different from humans. Huge aliens that used nano-bionic technology to survive. A clan based society of warriors, reclusive and xenophobic.  Despite several attempts, stable relations could not be established with them and all contact was eventually lost. But now there are rumors of great alien ships roaming throughout the quadrant. Have the Virons finally left their space, and if so, why? It would seem that few who encounter them survive to tell the tale... 

Main Characters NSA Captain Jacob Angelus (the player) Captain Jacob Angelus grew up an orphan in Victoria City and like many NSA children; he was drafted into the military at an early age. The military became the only family he ever knew apart from Dr. Alice McNeal, his friend since childhood and Major Douglas Grant, his mentor. Angelus has adapted to the harsh realities of war very well, and is regarded as a very capable young officer and tactician, excelling in his duties. He has an inner strength and confidence that most can only dream of and his thoughtful eyes betray a keen intelligence.  But the constant fighting has taken its toll on this natural leader of men. Angelus is growing weary of the war. He has begun to see the end of his people looming on the horizon if nothing is done and it troubles him greatly. Jacob will do whatever is necessary to ensure they survive. Terran Empire: Imperator Vlaana Azleea Vlaana is the Emperor's right hand, charged with bringing Morningstar Prime back under Imperial control. There are many such agents in the quadrant capturing other colonies, but Morningstar is the most important and therefore he has sent his most ruthless agent to do the job, even branding her face with his personal mark of favor.   In her mind, she has been tasked by her Emperor with a divine objective: all of humanity must be united and those who resist are not worthy of existence. Shunning human contact, she mainly commands her forces through two agents, almost as ruthless as herself: Imperial Centurions Cezarus and Dracus. A (false) rumor often whispered among the lower ranks is that Vlaana doesn't really exist at all, but is a figurehead for these two commanders.   Vlaana is known throughout the quadrant as "The Butcher Of Ariel". It is said that she, in an uncommon move, walked the battlefield in person on the colony of Ariel, indiscriminately slaughtering military and civilians alike. Terran Legionnaires even tell tales of her cutting down allied troops if they got in her path, causing all but the most battle-hardened Terran to shiver at the mention of her name.

Product Features

  • Free camera
  • An intuitive and free roaming 3D camera will allow for unparalleled immersion into the game.
  • Immersive Sci-Fi plot; Players will enter an immersive storyline.
  • FPS quality graphics; The 3D engine allows Ground Control II to have a graphic detail comparable to modern FPS games.
  • Drop-in Multiplay; Players can join game servers at any time, even during an on-going match like in most FPS games.
  • Play for five minutes or play for five hours, there's no limit.
  • Ground Control II features the easiest way in any RTS game to join the multiplayer action.
  • Cooperative Multiplay Play the singleplayer campaigns (including fan created campaigns and missions) cooperatively over LAN or Internet.

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