Bent CPU pins on AMD Ryzen 2600 after removing, what did I do wrong?

Sammy wants to know where he went wrong when removing the heat sink from his AMD Ryzen 2600 CPU.

Question by Sammy from United States | Answered by in Cases, Cooling & PSU on Wed, Oct 16 2019 11:37 PM CDT

I just finished replacing my CPU going from an AMD Ryzen 2600 to a Ryzen 3800X. I've always known AMD platforms to be a pain when removing the CPU, normally resulting in bent CPU pins.

So, I decided to try the twist method. To my luck, I was twisting and pulling and a few seconds later the CPU popped out with two rows of bent pins! What did I do wrong, I was using AS5?

Hi Sammy,

You are correct - AMD systems have always had issues with bent pins when removing heat sinks, but it really is user error coupled with thermal paste.

Bent CPU pins on AMD Ryzen 2600 after removing, what did I do wrong? |

The best way I have found to remove heat sink on any AMD platform including AM4, is to remove all mounting hardware and fans and twist the cooler while applying slight pressure towards the socket.

This should help in breaking the adhesive stiction of the thermal paste and in the future I would recommend a paste that's a little thinner like NT-H1 or MX-4 and not so peanut buttery like AS5.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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